"Bourne2Sing" was established in February 2013 by our three Co-Founders >> Douglas 

Bloom, Nikki Budd and Alan Beach.  You will already have seen profiles for Nikki and Alan

previously so here is a little information about Douglasour initial Musical Director. 


Unfortunately, due to ill health, Doug had to retire at Christmas 2016 and has been succeeded as Musical Director by Alan Beach.


Doug has had a long and illustrious musical career conducting Choirs and during a time span of over 40 years he and his Choirs have helped to raise in excess of £500,000-00 for Charities and Good Causes.


This is a photo of Doug in action i.e. the gentleman in the white DJ !!




                                CONCERT BOOKINGS


Would you like to book a Concert with “Bourne2Sing” ?  As ever there are a few formalities but we endeavour to make the process as simple as possible.  We ask that you, the Sponsor, observe the following:


1)  Nominate a charitable or good cause.                        

2)  Provide the Concert Venue.    

3)  Provide a tuneful piano or keyboard.

4)  Publicise the Concert insofar as is possible.


             Please note >> "Bourne2Sing” assists you by publishing details of your Event on our Website                  (www.bourne2singchoir.uk) and in the local media. We are also able to provide Notices                         for you to display.


5)  Promote the sale of tickets to ensure that an enthusiastic audience is present.                                                                                                    

Our Booking Fee for the Concert is £75-00.  If you require provision of a keyboard there would be an additional charge of £25-00.  All proceeds from the Event are retained by the Sponsor.


The Concert is performed in two segments with a break at the half way stage.  This interval will provide the Sponsor with an opportunity to sell refreshments or organise a raffle or both and thus generate further income.


Concerts are normally performed on Friday or Saturday evenings, commencing at 7.30 pm.  In order to make a booking please contact our Concert Manager:  


           Derek Baynes          Telephone >>  01202-982112          Mobile >>  07860-110519


Derek will be pleased to help you with your planning in order to make your Concert a success.


We are delighted to say that “Bourne2Sing” is fully booked for this year, 2018, and, already, almost fully booked for 2019. 


                                           ALMOST FINISHED


Some of you may already have seen us in action.  Assuming that you have enjoyed our Performance can we please ask you to recommend “Bourne2Sing” to your friends ?  If you have not yet had the opportunity to hear us sing please take a chance and come along to our next Event.  We promise that you will not be disappointed.  And then, perhaps, you can also recommend us to your other friends as well !!


In the words of William Shakespeare from “Twelfth Night”:                           


                                     “If music be the food of love, play on”





 Unlike Morecambe and Wise we try to sing all of the right notes in the right order – most of the time !!


Please test our claim for yourselves and come to a Concert. Thank you.





Many thanks for visiting the Musical Home of "Bourne2Sing" on The Web.  You are always welcome to leave us a message.  In particular >> your feedback, after having attended a Concert, would be much appreciated.  You merely have to click the "Add Comment" blue button below.


If you would like to leave an e-mail address when making a comment, as opposed to the "Optional Website Address", we shall be pleased to reply. 


We were all delighted to welcome "Bourne2Sing" and thank you for putting on such a superb show which we all appreciated very much. Everyone was talking about it this morning at Church, saying how much they enjoyed it. Thank you for all of your help and support. We look forward to welcoming you back again in the future and I look forward to seeing the Choir again at St. John’s Church, Broadstone on the 13th October 2018 when we hope to repeat the success. Best wishes and grateful thanks.
Many thanks to the "Bourne2Sing" Choir for your superb performance last Friday. I am sure you could tell it was enjoyed by all.
What a wonderful evening it was on Saturday night – many of the audience said how much they enjoyed it and are already asking when you can return to entertain them again ?! One guest said "It was absolutely marvellous, I thoroughly enjoyed it." Another commented on "The beautiful harmonies" and asked "When are they coming back ?" Philip, our CEO, said "Those of our members who were able to attend, being visually impaired, really enjoy listening to music and were very pleased that they knew most of the songs that you performed." Please convey our thanks to all the Choir for such a professional performance and enjoyable programme. Please let us know if you would ever consider performing another concert for us, possibly in 2019 ? I know you get booked up very early and are very busy, but we would be thrilled if we could welcome you back sometime in the future. Thank you for your help and co-operation – it has been a pleasure working with you.
My friend Jacqui and I really enjoyed last night's Christmas Concert - it was delightful, warm and informal ! So glad we went ! Well done "Bourne2Sing" and "Mosaic Charity !
It has been a pleasure to work with "Bourne2Sing" who gave a very enjoyable concert in aid of the restoration of Shelley Theatre. It was a first class evening and enjoyed by all our patrons.
Thank you so much to you and to all of the Choir for putting on such a splendid Concert last Friday for Future Pillars Zambia, which will enable orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia to continue to be fed and have education and training for a sustainable future. It was such a fun evening and everyone so enjoyed your verve and selection of songs. To date we have raised £1425 and there are still bits trickling in so hopeful of £1500 total - more than we dared to hope. So again, very many thanks to all, and especially Dave for suggesting it, Derek for fitting it in as an extra Concert, John for ticket sales and yourself for publicity, and all best wishes for all your future concerts.
On behalf of "The Crumbs Project" I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable evening's entertainment at St Mark's Church, Talbot Village. The choice of songs and the quality of the singing was much appreciated and we look forward to setting up another booking, perhaps next year, although I understand that your "free" slots are now scarce.
"Bourne2Sing" Choir are brilliant. A swinging most enjoyable Concert.
Everyone enjoyed the evening tremendously, thank you all so much ! Comments were made as to how they enjoyed the “non-highbrow“ Concert, the selection of the songs and the happy atmosphere. “Just our sort of music“ was another comment. I hope that you will come again in the future ! With best wishes.
Concert at The Hub Theatre, Verwood on the 10th March 2017. Wonderful Choir, wonderful evening, wonderful idea. The Concert was really enjoyable with songs for all ages, the Choir sang with dedication and passion. The Event raised over £700 for Verwood Day Service, which will be used to enhance the service for all who use it. Overwhelmed by the commitment of the Choir and their helpers for giving up so much of their time to support local worthy causes. They can sing too!! Have already booked for next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you xx
A very enjoyable Concert at The Hub, Verwood on Friday last and as usual, your "An American Trilogy" was something special.
I attended a "Bourne2Sing" Concert at Woodlands in 2016. Having been to a couple of Male Voice Choir Concerts in the past I expected this to be similar, fairly 'niche', loud and quite stereotyped. What a surprise ! No Welsh hymns, no stodgy MVC set-pieces, no songs to "educate the audience", just a whole set of tuneful songs most of which I knew, sung in glorious harmonies, from Phantom to Elvis, a very varied and well selected programme, something for everyone. I am now converted, and am looking forward to hearing you again.






                        FINALLY, HISTORIC COMMENTS  


All received prior to the 6th February 2017, the date on which this Website was first published:


March 2014 from Woodlands Methodist Church


" ……. thank you and the Choir very much indeed for a fabulous Concert last Friday. You really did us proud; the Choir’s singing was wonderful, just the sort of repertoire that people enjoy ……. "


December 2014 from Crane Valley Golf Club


" I wish to thank you and the Members of "Bourne2Sing" for the superb entertainment that you provided ……. The evening was an overwhelming success ……. Of course the star of the Show was "Bourne2Sing", what wonderful harmonies ……. The selection of songs was just right for the audience who hung on every note sung."


February 2016 from Verwood Day Care Centre


" ……. we would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful performance. The enjoyment that you all have in what you do literally ' wafted ' around the hall and infected us all, if the positive feedback I’ve had is anything to go by ! "


April 2016 from St Mark’s Church


" Please will you convey to the Choir the pleasure we all had when you sang to us ……. I have had so much good feedback. “Bourne2Sing” brought us a delightful Concert. Overheard amongst the audience afterwards – "that was wonderful, and I knew all the songs so well". It was a pleasure to see the Choir's enjoyment of the performance – just as much as ours."


July 2016 from Woodlands Methodist Church


" Thanks to the Choir for giving us a splendid performance ……. It was lovely to see so many people in our church and enjoying themselves. Once again thank you for coming and entertaining us."


September 2016 from Ringwood Parish Church


" Thank you so much for a really glorious Concert – I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did everyone else that I spoke to. I do hope you will be able to come again."


October 2016 from Crane Valley Golf Club


“ The close harmonies and repertoire of the Choir were greatly appreciated by the audience, who thoroughly enjoyed the event.  It was clear that, not only the audience were enjoying themselves, but also the Members of the Choir, who performed with both gusto and gentleness, as required by the individual songs.  At the end of the Concert the audience were in high spirits as a result of the intoxicating nature of the musical feast placed before them.”


Signed on 17th March 2017 by Derek Baynes and Alan Coul for “Bourne2Sing”.